Kauai Marriott Resort & Beach Club


Our Lihue location at
the Marriott Resort and Beach Club
specializes in tropical body treatments

Specialty Massages


Aroma Massage
Experience a sensory journey through a combination of essential oils, light Swedish combined with energy balancing and lymphatic strokes to relax the mind and cleanse the body.
50 min - $130...80 min - $185

Puholo - Steambath
This treatment begins with 10 minutes of relaxation under our steam canopy, to open pores and detox the body. Followed by a salt or pineapple papaya scrub to draw out impurities. Finishing with a massage style of your choice. Great for couples!
80 min - $185

Pohaku Lomi - Hot Rocks
The ancient Hawaiian art of hot rock massage that instantly relieves sore, tight muscles. Your mind and body will say MAHALO!
80 min - $185

A Japanese technique that utilizes deep, rhythmic acupressure on the energy channels of the body.
50 min - $125 . . . 80 min - $180

Pregnancy Massage
For mothers-to-be. Our experienced therapists will give special care and attention to relieving prenatal aches and anxiety.
50 min - $125 . . . 80 min - $180

Body Treatments

Pacific Paradise
A pineapple papaya scrub, followed by a luxurious massage with moisturizing lotion.
50 min - $130 . . . 80 min - $180

Pa'akai - Salt Glow
A Hawaiian herbal sea salt scrub to gently exfoliate the body, followed by a luxurious massage.
50 min - $130. . .80 min-$180

Kopa'a - Sugar Glow
Hawaiian sea salt, sugar and magnesium oxide crystals are combined to give you a delicate, hand applied exfoliation of the entire body. Hydrating lotion is then massaged into the skin, resulting in unbelievably silky glowing skin.
50 min-$130. . .80 min-$180

Hanalei Noni
Sunburn Treatment, Hawaiian noni fruit nectar is combined with aloe vera gel and applied gently to the body with La'i (ti leaf) to soothe and relieve sunburned skin.
25 min-$70. . .50 min-$125

Chai Soy Mud Mask
A stimulating body scrub, followed by a mask containing Colorado Indian spring clay, organic soy and chai tea, ending with a relaxing massage. Great for detox and leaves your skin with a healthy glow.
80 min - $185

Limu-Awapuhi Wrap
Wonderful detox! A citrus herbal scrub, followed by a special mask of sea enzymes, and green tea to help balance the body, draw out impurities and relieve muscular aches and pains. Ends with a mini massage that leaves you feeling rejuvenated.
80 min - $185

Espresso Limón Slimming Body Treatment
Treat your body like a temple with this detoxifying and firming treatment, guaranteed to leave your body looking sleek and smooth. This treatment begins with dry brushing to stimulate lymphatic drainage and detoxification. Your body will then be covered in a European Espresso Limón Slimming oil formulated to purify and tone the body. Includes a pair of dry brushes to take home.
50 min - $135




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